About Rafael Salamanca

Salamanca-018-SOLO-flag2Rafael Salamanca has been the District Manager of Bronx Community Board 2 since 2010, representing the Hunts Point, Longwood and Morrisania. Salamanca has established a reputation for improving the quality of life for residents, businesses and our community as a whole.  For years the Hunts Point community was plagued with crime, violence and prostitution which emanated from topless entertainment.  In early 2011, Salamanca worked with the community board and city agencies on addressing quality of life from the 5 topless establishment in Hunts Point and in 2013 with hard work and persistence all 5 establishment were closed.  

Through his leadership of bringing people together he’s worked tirelessly with all city agencies to address issues such as Housing Affordable of All, Homelessness, Youth Development & Education, Economic Development & Local Workforce and Healthcare. Salamanca understands that success in his district starts with strong schools, the fundamental access to affordable housing, and economic growth.

Rafael Salamanca, Jr. was born and raised in the Longwood section of the South Bronx to first generation parents from Puerto Rico. At a young age, Salamanca’s parents instilled in him the importance of hard work, education, and community service. These lessons have undoubtedly influenced his core philosophy and remain with him today.

Salamanca has been a member of Bronx Community Board #2 for more than a decade and served as Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee from 2008 to 2010. Since 2010, Salamanca has served as District Manager for Bronx CB 2.

As a lifelong neighborhood resident, Salamanca felt the need to improve community and police relations and has served as President of the 41st Precinct Community Council since his election in 2013.  Salamanca also sits on the boards of the Community Healthcare Network and the Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation.

In addition to all of his community work and activism, Salamanca has spent over a dozen years working in healthcare to expand access for low-income and working families in our community.

Ralph Salamanca has a long list of accomplishments for our community, below are a selected few:

  • Rid the Hunts Point community of all 5 topless entertainment establishments
  • Advocated and won approval for a new Bus Line Bx46 which travels through Longwood and Hunts Point providing access to parks and waterfront.
  • Fought for and received funding for the Hunts Point Market
  • Lowered car and homeowner insurance premiums for local families by fighting to remove Rikers Island Crime stats from the 41pct CompStats
  • Improved safety of Bruckner Boulevard and Hunts Point (formerly had the highest number of pedestrian and vehicular accidents in the Bronx)
  • Toughened applications for liquor licenses to reduce crime and violence. Owners are now required to sign stipulation agreements with board leadership agreeing to comply with community request (security, hours of operation, staffing, etc.)
  • Increased the number of 41 Pct Council meetings from 10 to 12 annually and initiated moving them to different locations throughout the community
  • Increased Transparency – Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) data is now reported at all monthly PCT Council meeting and Community Board full board meetings
  • Improving Community and Police Relations – This past year the 41 PCT ranks as the 6th Best PCT in the entire City of New York
  • Job Creation – All new developers requesting a letter of support must agree to stipulations in which local jobs will be given to community residents, local sub-contractors will be hired and certain percentage of apartments are for community residents.

Salamanca is an experienced leader who knows how to cultivate diverse coalitions and is focused on delivering and maximizing the necessary programs and services to the diverse populations in his community. Salamanca currently resides in the Longwood section of the Bronx with his wife Jessenia, stepson Justin, and 17 month old baby Aidan.